Praxis education policy analysts continue their work as the representatives of Estonia in the Network of Independent Education Specialists, which offers analytical guidance and support to the Directorate-General for Education and Culture of the European Commission (DG EAC). The Network’s mission is to foster factual policymaking, to support the European Commission in its work and to strengthen the impact of policies, offering reliable knowledge, analysis, and guidelines in the fields of education, schooling, youth, and sports. The Network is lead by ECORYS, an international research and consultation company based in England.


Within the Network, the main tasks of our analysts include:

  • Preparing general overviews of Estonian education policy, analyzing both bigger and smaller changes in legislation and the demands of interest groups
  • Inspecting the implementation of the Lifelong Education Strategy 2020, including the assessment of whether the strategy’s activity corresponds with the main challenges of the Estonian educational landscape
  • Analyzing the effectuation of the educational action of the Estonian Competitiveness Plan, including the judgement of whether the implemented changes correspond with the challenges of education policy and the country-specific recommendations of the European Commission