Although there are more female higher education graduates, more male graduates are paying income tax. This poses a question – does higher education guarantee employment, higher position and income?

Overall, in the period looked at, there have been on average fewer dropouts than graduates. However, the proportion of graduates as well as dropouts has increased. In some years there are more dropouts than graduates on the natural sciences, agriculture and technology, production and engineering courses. Health and well-being courses have the smallest number of dropouts. Overall, there are more female graduates than male graduates.

“When considering future profession one should also take into account expected demand and supply of labour force with similar education and occupational training.” – Liis Kraut

The study concluded, that it pays off to have higher education. There is a sharp increase in the proportion of people paying income tax after graduating. This is not the case for dropouts. Compared to Estonian average of the same age group, young people graduating have a better chance of finding employment as soon as the year of their graduation.