The purpose of the project is to progress towards full implementation of the ESA 2010 and Annual National Accounts in the area of pensions. The Praxis’ aim is to work out microsimulation model to assess pension entitlements for the table “Accrued-to-date pension entitlements in social insurance”.

The final result of this project shows how large is the obligation of obligatory pension system in euros in Estonia. We could say how much loan should be taken by the Estonian government to pay for obligation of pensions and to get free from the obligation of paying pensions. Other European Union countries have also an obligation to fulfil the table “Accrued-to-date pension entitlements in social insurance”. Therefore, it is possible to compare the obligations of countries as a percentage from GDP. For example, Latvian obligation was 172% from GDP in 2011 and Netherlands obligation was 384% from GDP in 2013.

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