On Thursday, the Governance and Civil Society programme analyst, Maiu Uus, is presenting an article at the 10th International Conference of ISTR: “Democratization, Marketization, and the Third Sector”.

The presentation “The Political Legitimacy of Engagement Practices in Estonian Policy-Making: Convergent Perceptions of Public Officials and Stakeholders” is based on the results of Praxis study Stakeholder involvement practices in Estonian ministries 2007-2009.

The conferences bring together over 600 scholars from ca 68 countries round the globe to share their comparative approaches and multidisciplinary knowledge about civil society, philanthropy, and the nongovernmental sector. Siena jubilee conference covers a variety of theme areas that are also actual for Estonia: philanthropy, volunteering; active citizenship; policies and governance; management and organizational practice; social entrepreneurship; evaluation, legitimacy, accountability and impact; new theories, research methodologies and practice.

ISTR is committed to building a growing global community of scholars dedicated to the creation, discussion, and advancement of the highest quality of knowledge on the Third Sector and its impact.  Conference marks the 20th anniversary of the conference organizer The International Society for Third-Sector Research (ISTR). Praxis became a member of ISTR in January 2012. The participation in ISTR conference is financed by Estonian National Foundation of Civil Society.