Eighty-eight percent of soon-to-be high school graduates consider university websites an important source of information about their college options, while far fewer see advice from teachers and career counsellors as relevant, a newly-published study has shown.

The study, organized by the Praxis public policy think tank, found that students rate open door days at universities and career fairs as next in relevance, with 46 percent considering them important.

Parents and other relatives were rated important for college information by 41 percent of respondents, while information shared by friends and classmates came in at 36 percent.

In what is likely to be a serious ego blow for educators, guidance counsellors and teachers finished up near the bottom of the list, with only 22 and 20 percent of the respondents, respectively, considering them important information sources.

The study also found that around 70 percent of the students were planning to continue their studies at a college or university in Estonia. The sights of 7 percent were set on domestic vocational schools while 11 percent aspired to study abroad.

Source: Websites Trump Teachers as Career Info Source for Students, ERR