The Praxis Center for Policy Research has made it on to a list of worldwide rankings of think tanks for the first time.

Praxis was 21st of 537 think tanks in Central and Eastern Europe in the list compiled by the University of Pennsylvania. Overall, more than 6,500 think tanks from 182 countries, including 17 from Estonia, competed for a place in the fifth annual rankings.

Annika Uudelepp, chairman of the Praxis board, said it was welcome recognition for over ten years of work.

“Being highlighted internationally confirms that besides analysis, Praxis’s strong aspects also include active dissemination of study results and reaching decision-makers with them.”

She called 2011 a breakthrough year: Praxis analyzed and provided commentary on election promises and determined the possible impacts of policy choices. The Praxis academy, focusing on sharing of research-based knowledge, was launched as well.

At the top of the rankings were major US and UK think tanks (Brookings Institution – USA; Chatham House, Royal Institute of International Affairs – UK; Carnegie Endowment for International Peace – USA). Russian and Polish organizations such as Carnegie Moscow Center in Russia, the Polish Institute of International Affairs and the Center for Social and Economic Research (also in Poland) led Central and Eastern Europe.

Source: Think Tank Appears High in International Rankings, ERR