One of the touchiest topics in Estonian society will be dragged under the microscope this week with the launch of an extensive public opinion survey aimed at monitoring the integration process.

As many as 1,400 participants will each be quizzed for roughly an hour on subjects including education, the job market, civic identity, cultural openness and public information.

Scientists from the University of Tartu, analysts from the PRAXIS Center for Policy Studies and survey specialists from TNS Emor will carry out the research.

The survey, which is commissioned by the Ministry of Culture, is being conducted as part of Estonia’s integration program for 2008-2013. According to a statement from PRAXIS, the data collected will be compared to that from a similar study undertaken in 2008, and the results will be used to formulate new draft legislation and integration plans for the 2014-2020 period.

“We hope that the research will be an important component in various areas of policy in the sphere of integration,” said scientist Triin Vihalemm, who represents the University of Tartu on the project.

Vihalemm encouraged those approached for the study to take the time to answer the questions, as doing so would be a good way to ensure their concerns reach the halls of power.

“Elections are by no means the only way to contribute to the policies that exist in Estonia. Through such monitoring, the voice of the people will be heard by politicians in an unaltered form,” she said.

The results of the survey should be available to the public at the beginning of next year.

Source: Study to Delve Deep Into Integration Issues, ERR