Right-of-center party IRL has launched a nationwide “future survey” that polls the population for their stance on fundamental issues, but has been rapped on the knuckles by analysts and watchdogs who say it is “yet another example” of voters being influenced under the guise of getting a better understanding of their views.

“It can’t be faulted as a piece of pure propaganda. There is no law against advertising one’s views, but talk about listening to voters is certainly misleading,” member of the Praxis Centre for Policy Research management board Ain Aaviksoo told uudised.err.ee.

IRL launched the nationwide poll on September 6 – to help the party make decisions that are important to people, it says.
But after two short-answer questions about what the biggest problems are for the country, most of the items are multiple-choice. Aaviksoo said the questions were designed to lead voters and instill ideas into their heads.
Political analyst Agu Uudelepp called the survey the finest piece of veiled propaganda he had seen for several years.
“IRL will not actually receive any information as to what people are thinking or what they believe. But they will get a result that they can use to build a campaign and justify their own positions,” said Uudelepp.
Taking a page from the Centre Party, which has become known for Flash games and other interactive activities, the survey concludes with an offer of free merchandise in the party colors and a form for joining a mailing list.
Source: IRL Poll Criticized, ERR