A survey by the Praxis public policy think tank has found that the most popular activity among Estonia’s 10- to 26-year-olds is sports, with 30 percent of them engaged in some sort of physical training at least four times a week.

Next on the list of favorites were singing, art and handicraft making.

Praxis announced the survey results on February 8, coinciding with a discussion it held on young people’s interests and how to best meet them.

According to Katrin Pihor, head of the think tank’s Youth Monitoring Project, the results do not necessarily reflect what young people are actually interested in, but rather the options available to them.

“We cannot force young people into art workshops if they prefer robotics, but we cannot offer every young person all over Estonia their favorite activity – that would not be financially practical. It is therefore necessary to find the best compromise between the interests of young people and youth participation opportunities,” she said.

Source: Favorite Youth Pastime is Sports, Study Finds, ERR