Analysis published by the Praxis think tank on April 11 reveals that 43 percent of small and medium-sized enterprises operating in Estonia are unwilling to cooperate with other enterprises and outside investors.

According to the report, companies fear losing their independence and see outside investment as a source of unnecessary requirements and obligations. Around 25 percent of SMEs also cited unwillingness to share their profits.

At the same time, around 34 percent of the respondents found that they have insufficient means to ensure sustainable development of their business.

The study also shows that 70 percent of the polled SMEs consider finding top notch specialists on the labor market the most challenging task for them – a portion that in 2005 stood at 46 percent.

Currently approximately 99.9 percent of companies operating in Estonia are small- or medium-sized enterprises, employing under 250 people.

Source: 43% of SMEs Shun Cooperation, ERR