Priit Purge


Priit joined Praxis’ health policy team in the summer of 2020. Priit has acquired comprehensive work experience while working at Tartu University’s faculty of Medicine. His main research fields included child development and physical activity during puberty and skeletal and muscular problems within the elderly population. He defended his doctoral thesis in 2006 and has been active in the scientific community ever since. Priit has released or co-authored 135 scientific publications. Additionally, in his earlier work, Priit worked in close cooperation with the Estonian Rowing Association and has tested and consulted several Estonian top athletes.

Furthermore, Priit is active as a rowing trainer. He trains all kinds of people reaching from children, who have just begun rowing to top athletes, who have won medals in international competitions. Priit is leading the Commission of Rowing Trainers within the Estonian Olympic Committee, organizing several training programs for rowing trainers. Priit is a licensed international FISA referee.