Liis Allmäe

Project manager

Liis has been working at Praxis Academy as a project manager since March 2019. She is experienced in organizing and managing various major development and training programs. Liis has a master’s degree in law from the University of Tartu and has continued her education as a communications manager at the University of Tallinn. As communicating and organizing are among Liis’ favorite activities, she is active as Praxis’ commissioner for work environment. She is part of the coordination teams of almost all events organized by Praxis. Before joining Praxis, Liis worked mainly in the private sector, where she gained experience in product management, communications, and investment. Liis has successfully conducted several EU regional development projects of Enterprise Estonia. She was motivated to continue her career at Praxis because she wished to apply the skills and experiences she gained in the private sector for the common good in a more attentive environment.

Liis is fluent in English and speaks Finnish, French, and Spanish to a certain degree. In her free time, Liis enjoys yoga, jogging, and reading.