Inclusive policy-shaping – an excellent example

A case study on the development of the children and family policy at the Ministry of Social Affairs.

Peculiarity of the inclusive case

The process of shaping the children and family policy in the Ministry of Social Affairs (MSA) took place over a longer period of time (2007–2010). Thus, the changes in different forms of inclusion and adjusting them to the expectations and needs of the parties could be monitored. In the context of Estonia, the inclusive way in which associations and the ministry cooperated in the shaping of a policy can be regarded as novel. The case study covers a long-term process that began with wording the area of family policy and ended with preparing a development plan for the well-being of children and families.A more detailed report is available at the end of the page.


Lapsed ja pered ENG Summary of the case study
Maiu Uus, Külvi Noor, Jon Ender, Renna Unt, Peeter Vihma
2008 - 2011


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