Mapping of companies in the Estonian ICT sector

PRAXIS Center for Policy Studies in cooperation with the Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications (ITL), carry out a study on "Mapping of companies in the Estonian ICT sector " for Enterprise Estonia. The study aims to map the business activities of companies in the Estonian ICT sector and provide an overview of the basic competencies and export potential of companies in the Estonian ICT sector. It also sets out the priorities and what support and assistance the ICT sector companies expect from the state to further development and increase export potential. Until now the traditional understanding of the ICT sector in the field has been based on the experience of larger and more advanced companies, therefore this study also examines the small and lesser known companies.
The study is carried out in two stages:

  • During the first phase, which runs from June to July, the mapping of the ICT sector companies and their main activities is carried out, with special reference to companies which export and companies with export potential.
  • In the second phase during the second half of August, a questionnaire is carried out among the exporting and export potential ICT sector companies, in order to identify the main export products, key competences, potential target markets, current and future export volumes, existing co-operation with other companies towards export orders and the performance of the government's role in increasing exports in the ICT sector.
Helena Rozeik, Anne Jürgenson, Vaho Klaamann
2009 - 2009
ICT, export potential