Target groups

Praxis sees communication as a two-way process, therefore, an active and regular communication with partners and target audiences in our activities is equally important as information sharing. We are working on continuous monitoring of our competence policy fields and our planning process for projects is open, so that in each project we would be able to take into account the essential needs and interests of target groups. This will ensure that we are always aware of the practical problems that one specific problem might have and also with the possible solutions, so we wont offer bearly theoretical proposals.

Praxis supports the participation of various interestgroup´s in the decision-making process. So we are trying to create equal conditions to all parties for taking part in public debate, providing them with meaningful knowledge of policies, different points of view and ways for solutions. The aim is to achieve a situation where the decision-making takes place in an informed environment.

To accomplish that mission we are working with all interested parties, with organizations as well as civilians.

Public sector

Our closest associates so far have been the public-sector organizations (ministries, agencies). 

One principle of Praxis is to be independent, so we do not comply with subscriptions that are from individual political parties or ideological-driven. At the same time, our activities are aimed at all decision-makers, who wish to promote life in Estonia. In evidence-based policy-making we collaborate more then before with various constitutional and parteiüleste institutions (such as committees of the Parliament of Estonia, the President's Office, Chancellor of Justice, the State Audit Office, the Bank of Estonia, etc.).

Separately important target group for regionally balanced development are the local policy-makers.

In the future we wish to remain an independent stratecical partner for the public sector as the main representative of public interest.

Civil society organisations

One of the goals of Praxis is to support the principles of participatory democracy and to promote public debate. The civil society sector hold the key position in this process and has to meet the citizens and public sector decision makers' expectations, therefore they must be equipped with the necessary resources to comply with their role and knowledge. That is where Praxis as an independent expert organisation sees an opportunity to contribute to the development of civil society. Hereinafter we wish to become stratecic partners for civil society organizations, so that they would become equivalent partners to the public sector and in cooperation we could represent citizen´s common interests more efficiently.

Private sector

Estonian enterprises and the society's future economic development depends to a large extent, on the national political choices, and on the larger scale developments taking place in the world. Praxis offers a unique opportunity for businesses and representative organizations of employers to influence the development and implementation of sustainable strategic decisions in Estonian society. International excellence in knowledge and independent analysis will help making Estonian economical and social policy choices by offering innovative solutions and meaningful alternatives as well as evaluation for the outcome.

In cooperation with Praxis the entrepreneurs and enterprise organisations have an opportunity to gain latest knowledge about developments taking place in rest of the world (including the European Union), in order to be ready for future challenges.

Regional and European Community

In globalizing world the development of each country affects, to some extent, the immediate vicinity, and vice versa. So is Estonia's policy-making interwoved with that of the EU since our accession to the EU. Therefore we have planned also in the future to keep ourselves abrest through cooperation between the EU institutions, think-tanks and other research facilities and to participate in regional and EU level policy making. At the same time through close international co-operation Praxis wishes to mediate knowledge and experience of other countries to Estonia. In addition, it is our aim to achieve the leading role at international level in analyzing the developments and experience of the Baltic Sea region. Our main cooperation strategy is active participation in different EU networks.


European Neighbourhood and Former Soviet Republics

Estonia is generally considered to be a country with an experience in rapid and successful transition reforms to democratic rule. We are convinced that others would have things to learn from Estonia´s reform experience, from our success and from the problems encountered. Praxis will continue joint projects aimed at knowledge transfer, which allows development of our employees skills and gaining experiences in policy-making in different environments.


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