Enhancing dialogue between citizens and policymakers in Estonia

In recent yeas it has become more  important for PRAXIS to actively promote public debate and citizen participation in policy development. In 2008 we started organizing regular policy seminaries and debates "Praxise Mõttehommik" to endorse dialogue between civil sector interest groups and policymakers. These policy debates were supported by PRAXIS' independent evidence based policy briefs analyzing the implementation of the Government programme and recent developments of different social, economic and politicalp topics.

PRAXIS’ experts also published articles and used new internet media tools, that were familiarized into Praxis' usual communications to facilitate interactive and broarder dialogue.

By now this project is formally over, but we see there is still need for such dialogue facilitation between different parties of different policies. Thus there are more policy debates to come on actual subjects and on PRAXIS' research. For more information please contact Maiu Uus.



29th of April 2009 "How to develop familiy subsidies?" 

16th of September 2009  "How to improve local public services?" 

18th of November 2009 "Victories of the past and possibilities of the futire for Estonia´s patients." 

9th of December 2009 "Estonian higher education policy: bold or accidental?"

13th of April 2010 "Estonian tax policy: who´s burden is the heaviest?"

12th of May 2010 "How to accelerate Estonian healthcare into information age?" 

Maiu Uus, Ain Aaviksoo, Annika Uudelepp, Reelika Leetmaa, Laura Kirss
2008 - 2010