Project stems from the fact that poverty and social exclusion are frequently accompanied by low educational outcomes. Among other researches, this link was confirmed by the PISA 2015 report which demonstrated that the students with low-SES background tend much more likely to be low achievers. This means that the opportunities of those students to achieve their full potential are limited.

In the context of other countries participating at PISA research Estonia stands out as a country that not only has high, but also socially equal educational outcomes. For instance, in science the percentage of low achievers was the lowest in Europe: 8,8%.

The overall objective of BRAVEdu project is to strengthen the capacity of European schools to support disadvantage learners from low SES in active participation in school life and in achieving better learning outcomes through exploring and analysing policies and practices implemented in Estonia that enabled it to severely reduce the effect of low SES student achievement and drawing lessons from it.

The project has two outputs: (1) analytical report on the Estonian policies, and (2) innovative school policies and practices handbook for dealing with poverty in education.