Silja Kralik


Silja’s work is in the field of economic and environmental policy, with a particular interest in different aspects of environmental economics. She has analysed the social and economic impact of environmental policy and projects on entrepreneurs, individuals as well as the state, and has evaluated the implementation of environmental regulations around the world.

Silja joined Praxis in 2012 with a previous 7-year experience at the Ministry of the Environment. She has experience in planning, applying and analysing the impact of environmental policy in Estonia, with a special focus on the impact of environmental taxation.

Silja has taught at the University of Tartu as a lecturer in accounting. She has also contributed to the Estonian environmental field through research, taking part in international projects on the environment and working with international organisations, e.g. the OECD.

Silja has a Bachelor’s degree in accountancy and finance from the Estonian University of Life Sciences and a Master’s degree from the University of Tartu. She is interested in resource sustainability and the energy economy and has taken courses in topics of sustainable development and energy economics at the University of Oslo, the Agricultural University of Denmark and other places. Silja has also studied at doctorate level at Galway University in Ireland, where she put together a micro simulation model of Estonian taxes and benefits.

In her spare time, Silja likes to do gardening, needlework and programming. She also sings in Tallinn Chamber Choir. She is fluent in English and speaks Russian and German to some extent.