Miko Tammik

Junior Analyst
+372 640 8008

Miko works mainly on economic policy but has excellent skills in econometrics, and therefore takes part in analysing various other topics including labour, social and education policy.

His is able to quickly adapt to change and learn new things, which helps him effortlessly take part in various research topics. Miko’s research has looked at how the diversity of managers is connected to the performance of the enterprises, assessed the effects of changed environmental charges, and forecast the maritime sector’s demand for labour. Miko mainly works with quantitative data, however, he also has experience with document analysis and conducting interviews.

Miko has a Bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at the University of Tartu, where he is currently continuing with Master’s studies in economic modelling and public sector economics. His thesis looks at how the real estate market can benefit Estonian pensioners.

In his free time, Miko likes to read history and science fiction books, and play basketball and football. He actively keeps an eye on advances in science and technology, especially in artificial intelligence. Miko can speak English and basic level French.