Laura Aaben

+372 640 8007

Laura Aaben works at Praxis as an Analyst since 2015. Her main research topics are evaluations of public health interventions and policies and contact points of social, labour and health policies. The topic of health inequalities is also close to her heart.

Laura has nine years of previous work experience in the field of public health. She has worked at the National Institute for Health Development and Health Estonia Foundation, where she managed numerous intervention and policy development programmes and conducted both qualitative and quantitative studies. Her main areas of work have been evidence-based interventions, local level health policies, local and national alcohol policies and HIV prevention strategies. She has also worked as a trainer and consultant in Estonia and elsewhere in Europe.

Laura has a Bachelor’s degree in social policy and Master’s degree in public health, both from the University of Tartu. She has improved her knowledge and skills at Erasmus University Rotterdam in the Netherlands. She is fluent in English and speaks Finnish as well.

Laura loves city-culture and exploring cities around the world. She spends her free time reading work-related popular science literature and listening to exciting podcasts. Laura also loves animals and spending time with them.