Ingel Kadarik

Labour & Social Policy
+372 640 8009

Ingel assists labour and social policy analysts in their projects, including document administration, information management and research preparation. She is valued for her precision and she loves to help others and use Excel tables.

Her education in the social field and previous experience means she can help with important contextual work in projects, e.g. keeping an eye on policy changes and helping with the writing of quarterly reports on the development of Estonian gender equality, work relations and labour market policy. Her research also looks at work relations in different sectors and she contributes to the work of Eurofound.

She has previously worked as a main specialist at the Estonian National Social Insurance Board, which gave her a valuable experience in assisting, coordination and teamwork and particular knowledge in the field of special needs assisting.

Ingel has a Bachelor’s degree in sociology, social work and policy from the University of Tartu. She has extended her knowledge on the public sector and service management principals and processes.

Ingel can speak English. In her spare time, she likes to solve crosswords and is interested in popular science. She has also discovered the world of oriental dances and started learning belly dancing.