Hille Hinsberg

Civil Society, Governance

Hille covers several research topics in the Governance and Civil Society programme and has a solid list of projects in her portfolio. Among them is foresight (trend analysis) for non-profits; guidance for grant-makers in the public sector; impact assessment of the National Foundation for Civil Society and several social enterprises; evaluation of public e-services.

She has launched the Open Data and Open Government initiatives, to name just a few: meieraha.eu, the Estonian state budget visualisation and personal tax burden calculator; Government Watch for monitoring political pledges; visualising Local Governance capacity indicators.

Hille was among the leaders of a unique deliberation process, the People’s Assembly, which crowdsourced citizens’ proposals to amend financing practices of political parties. She received a national award for strengthening civil society in Estonia.

Hille is in demand as a trainer and facilitator, advising civil servants on citizen engagement and good governance. She works in collaborative projects in Armenia, Georgia and Moldova. Hille has written guidelines for government agencies on the principles of funding civil society organisations and has co-authored a handbook on public participation.

Hille is a member of the International Expert Panel of the Independent Review Mechanism which oversees the implementation of Open Government Partnership in 65 countries.

She has hands-on experience in governance and policy-making. Working for the Government Office, she led several initiatives to promote Open Government and citizen-to-government dialogue, such as introducing the Code of Public Participation to civil servants. She has an MA in Communications. Hille is a board member of Let’s Do It World, an international campaign to clean up illegal waste. She is a board member of NENO and Domus Dorpatensis, an incubator for social enterprises.

She has a Master’s degree in the field of communication. She knows the public sector very well, having worked at the State Chancellory as an advisor for four years, giving advice on how to involve the civil society and the public. She speaks English, Finnish and Russian. In her free time, Hille enjoys running and choral singing and every summer organises the August Insomnia street festival in Pärnu.