Cenely Leppik


Cenely works as an analyst in the education policy programme and labour and social policy programme. Her main research topics are related to the labour market, poverty and inequality. Cenely is experienced in analysing different types and sizes of data sets by implementing various statistical methods and econometric models.

Her Bachelor’s thesis looked at factors defining youth status in the labour market among EU countries and her Master’s thesis was about the impact of the subsidised kindergarten service on Estonian poverty and inequality indicators. Due to the specialisation in economic modelling, her theses also focussed on investigating different models and methodological questions.

Cenely likes to navigate in the world of numbers, i.e. connect different pieces of information and place these in the context. In her spare time, Cenely likes to try her hand at photography, where her favourite areas are nature and macro photography. Cenely speaks and writes in good English and has learnt Russian.