Anni Kurmiste

+372 640 8003

Anni started working at Praxis as a health analyst in the autumn of 2021, after working as a intern for half a year. She has previous work experience in the fields of marketing and communication, and has also completed an internship at the Ministry of Social Affairs in the field of welfare, where she participated in various stages of policy-making.

Anni is completing her Bachelor’s studies at Tallinn University of Technology with a degree in Public Administration and Governance. In the course of her studies, she wants and tries to focus on social and health policy, so that the academic background supports her work and interests in the field to the maximum. In her free time, Anni keeps an eye on interesting topics and daily politics – listening to, reading and watching podcasts, radio programs and news. In addition, she spends a lot of time doing sports and with loved ones. Among other things, she speaks a high level of English.