Anne Randväli

Programme manager
+372 640 8004

Anne has a very good understanding of the training field due to her experience in being in different roles of training: buying them, creating the programmes as well as acting as a speaker or project manager. She has developed her counselling skills, acquired an international certificate in supervision and coaching, and also is active as a supervisor and coach for groups and individuals. Anne has worked as an international consultant, for example, she consulted and trained Montenegro’s civil servants on recruiting and analysed their training needs.

Before joining the think tank team, Anne worked as an HR development manager at Eesti Pank for about 10 years, where she was responsible for recruiting, evaluating and developing activities. Her work in Praxis is mainly focused on creating development programmes and events for the clients of the public and third sector, as well as ensuring the project management of these projects.

By training, Anne is a psychologist, who studied personality psychology under the guidance of Jüri Allik at the University of Tartu. where she focused more closely on the field of individual differences and personality psychology. She continued with studies on organisational behaviour with the research topic of job motivation and satisfaction. In addition to the knowledge of the respective areas, she has acquired a good understanding of research methods. She has applied this knowledge in creating and conducting different organisational surveys, being a co-author for HR management handbook by PARE and giving lectures on organisational research.

Anne’s interest in psychology is recreational as well as professional. She is interested in the psychoanalytic school of thought and has furthered her education in the field of family therapy. Anne speaks English and knows a little Russian and German.